Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling in Greenville

Of all the renovations you can do as a home or business owner in Greenville, bathroom and kitchen renovations will yield the best results and return on investment. These are the most multi-functional rooms in your home or business and you probably spend more time in them than you’re even aware of.

Why not make this time spent as enjoyable as possible? And upon the sale of your home or commercial property, get more money than you would have without the remodeling.

At Coastal Cabinets And Granite LLC our goal is to get you as much enjoyment as possible out of your property, and the biggest return on investment on resale.

Advantages of Specific Remodeling

While some remodeling projects are fruitless except for the joy they bring, kitchen and bathroom remodeling yields both emotional AND practical results.

Energy Savings

By installing new appliances to your kitchen and bathroom, you’ll save in the long run. Older stoves, dishwashers, sinks, and shower heads weren’t made with energy efficiency in mind, so you’re draining electricity and water when you continue to use out-of-date kitchen and bathroom features.


Updated appliances also mean better functionality. New technology has made shower heads especially a lot more enjoyable to use, with adjustable pressures and luxury designs. A new stove will have all burners working properly and heat up quickly. Not to mention, you can build in better storage systems to hide away any unwanted utensils and bathroom products.

Updated Look

If sleek and modern is your thing, updating your bathroom and kitchen is the biggest and best step you can take to a fully modernize your home or business. Even if you’d like to retain the character of an older property, we’re capable of doing so while installing new appliances, fresh paint, and more that will enhance appearance and functionality.


Bathroom and kitchen renovations pay for themselves. For real! The return on investment you’ll get upon selling your home or business will earn you back 100% or more that was originally spent on the remodel.


Kitchens and bathrooms are great when they’re functional, but best when they’re luxurious. If you do a little digging into the new technology for these rooms you’ll be astounded at what’s out there.

Quality From Concept to Completion

From the moment you start picturing your beautiful new bathroom or kitchen to the end of the build, Coastal Cabinets And Granite LLC is here to provide the highest quality builds in Greenville.

We take pride in the work we do and love seeing the results.

Over the years we’ve gained a lot of collective knowledge, and this is something we continue to do on a daily basis. If it’s in the remodeling business, we know it.

This knowledge allows us to recommend the best options for clients—ones maybe they would not have considered themselves.

Our build sites are kept as clean as possible, and we follow a leave-no-trace-behind philosophy that ensures when we leave a build site we don’t have to come back and you are free to enjoy your new kitchen or bathroom immediately.

Call us today, we’d love to talk!