Kitchen Remodeling in Greenville

Even if your current kitchen is functional, it may not reflect your unique lifestyle and cooking needs. At Coastal Cabinets And Granite LLC we’ve had the pleasure of updating many kitchens in Greenville over the years to tie in with their owners’ personality and their style of decor.

Creating a custom kitchen is a big undertaking, but we are up for the job, ready to go above and beyond, and make the build a flawless one so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the results.

The Concept

Many clients come to us with a rough idea of what they want in a kitchen. Maybe they’ve always dreamed of having an island, or want to update the cabinetry. Once you’ve told us everything you want, we will flesh out the concept in the form of a kitchen design, which you will approve before we start building. Greenville clients love working with the Coastal Cabinets And Granite LLC team because of our full-service practice. From start to end, we work together with you so you don’t have to hire multiple companies and subcontractors.

Speed and Quality

At Coastal Cabinets And Granite LLC we work at an efficient pace. While some things can be hard to control, such as when materials arrive once ordered, if you have a timeline set, we will work to complete your renovation within that window.

Not being able to use your kitchen for weeks on end is highly inconvenient, and we understand the frustration you’ll likely experience. Once we start a renovation, getting your kitchen put back together so you can start using it, is our top priority.

But we don’t sacrifice quality in this process. Over the years we’ve gathered the best team of skilled craftsmen that make kitchen construction look like a breeze.

Competitive Pricing

While it’s not the simplest thing to provide an average kitchen remodel cost due to the multitude of factors that go into a project like this, we can say you’ll be looking at a few thousand dollars.

We like to provide our Greenville clients with services they can actually afford, so at Coastal Cabinets And Granite LLC you’ll find competitive pricing every time, no matter how big or how small the remodeling project you want to pursue is.

Don’t get gouged by a company that does cheap, fast and sub-par work. Think of Coastal Cabinets And Granite LLC every time and get the best quality for the best price.

Free In-Home Estimates

We love giving you true value, and so when we speak to you as a new client we like to get off on the right foot by offering a free in-home estimate.

Give us a call, and we will set up a visit within a day or two where you can tell us what you’re hoping to accomplish. When we go back to the office we’ll price it and plot out a rough plan so we can come back to you with a great estimate of price.

Call us today to set up your first appointment with one of our dedicated team members!