Washington Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen remodeling is one of the bigger remodeling jobs you can do in your home or business. Hiring a remodeling contractor that is going to do it just the way you want is important. At Coastal Cabinets And Granite LLC we offer top-quality service with a contractor and team you can rely on.

We have been leading experts of kitchen remodeling in Washington for many years now, and each new project is still unique and exciting. The passion we have for our work comes through in the final results, and we can’t wait to show you just how great your kitchen can be!

Long- or Short-Term

Some clients remodel because they want to customize their space to their needs and continue using it for many years. Others are remodeling because they want to sell their property and feel the kitchen needs upgrading. Either way, kitchens are one of the best investments you can make.

Washington clients who have upgraded for resale increase their property’s value by up to 30% and those who remodel for themselves get so much enjoyment out of their functional new designer kitchen.

When you contact Coastal Cabinets And Granite LLC we’ll discuss how long you plan to be staying in your home or commercial property, as the approach for design is different if you’re looking to sell, or designing for yourself.

A Contractor You Can Trust

Contractors are the glue that keeps any build together. From beginning to end, they’ll be there to support and assist you with your decisions, and manage everyone on the build team.

Your contractor will come with a team they work with on every job, and should they need extra help, know the best Washington subcontractors to hire. If you need to order materials, they’ll use their connections to get them for you at the best price, and if you have a timeline, they’ll stick to it.

It’s important to hire a contractor you can trust. At Coastal Cabinets And Granite LLC we’re open to pre-hiring interviews where you can ask all the questions you need before entering into this partnership.

When hiring anyone for a job, it’s not out of the ordinary to ask for references and a portfolio, and so we have both ready for anyone to check up on prior to hiring.

Don’t hire a contractor who’s untested, and always be sure to ask as many questions as you like. At Coastal Cabinets And Granite LLC, we love to answer them.


If you’re looking for integrity, you’ve come to the right place. Not only do we practice this in our day to day work and dealings with clients, but we practice it on our builds as well.

Architectural integrity is important, and we take this into account before starting any renovation.

In our years of experience as a kitchen renovation company, we have amassed quite a bit of knowledge to share with our clients and ensure that your kitchen flows with the rest of the space and, depending on its era, won’t lose any important historical details.

Contact Coastal Cabinets And Granite LLC today to speak with one of our dedicated team members and book your free design consultation today.